Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone,

this is my first time writing a blog with regent. I have been writing in many blogs but, I have never written a blog in a scale like this. I'm not even sure where to start but, I believe I will start by introducing myself. I am 20 years old right now, soon I will be 21 in November. I am the oldest of six kids, my parents are happily married. I grew up in Elizabeth New Jersey, just off of New York city. I love computers, art, music, cooking, and dance. My family is very musical and we all play some form of instruments. Throughout my life I have been a very quite and somewhat shy girl, friends were hard to come by. I have been so jaded and hurt when it came to friends, that trust is something I have a hard time grasping. God has slowly shown me that even if everyone in my life turns their back on me that his love for me will always remain.

I am happily married to the man of my dreams and best friend, for a year now. I have no kids but I have a very well behaved puppy, who has grown up with me and my husband. God gave me an amazing family because he knew I would need someone here on earth to cling too. I was depressed for a long time because last year on my 20th birthday after a few moths of being married; I was diagnosed with PCOS This is called Poly-cystic ovarian  syndrome, this is when my body and brain don't communicate very well, and it makes it hard for me to have babies. Later that year God send me an amazing puppy who has been my joy for these past months. I thank God everyday that he blesses me even when I know I don't deserve his love.

I have been a Christian since I could remember, I have grown up in the church. My family has always been involved in everything you could think of, from music to teaching we have always been at church. When I was little I thought we should have lived there, the church was my home. It was not until I was in my late teens though that I started to grasp the amazing power of God and his amazing grace. I have seen visions, and dreamed dreams, I have been touched through God's love that not many people get to experience. I have fallen in love with my lord and master, and everyday he is constantly teaching me what it means to love him.
I thank you whoever read this, I hope you learned a little about myself, and I will continue to write more.



  1. Hi Carla!

    It's nice to have another Jersey girl blogging for Regent! I'm from Wall Township (near Belmar, Asbury Park, and Point Pleasant- if that helps :]). Are you still living in Jersey or did you relocate to Virginia?

    Thanks for your posts and awesome testimony of God's love!

    Feel free to check out my blog,

    Be blessed!

  2. Hey Carla, and welcome to the Regent blogging community!

  3. thanks everyone I don't live in NJ anymore I moved to NC sadness :( but it's alright I know God has great plans for me wherever I go.